Haley 110 Futon Mattress

Haley 110 Futon Mattress
Item# full-Matt-Haley110

Product Description

54" x 75"

1. 7.25 oz. twill fabric. Provides proper strength to contain overstuffed cushioning material.

2. 1.5 layer of thermal bonded polyester wrap. For a clean finished appearance and long lasting comfort.

3. 9" (4 pieces) of 1.8 high densities, high resilience foam…provides flexibility, conformability, and firm comfort.

4. Bench Built Construction.

5. 8' box type construction. A heavy-duty outer shell (that consists of a top, bottom & side panels) that provides a sturdy edge support, strength, and long life.

6. Nylon tufts. Is the strongest ware-resistant tufting material to endure the pressurization process? The length and number of tufts installed are also key factors determining the mattresses comfort & durability.

7. Compression Lace Tufting. Pressurizes 13" of overstuffed goods to fit inside a true 8" box corner. The force created when the materials are properly tensioned to work together form a supportive synergy for comfort and durability.

8. Tape Edge Construction. Seals the comfort inside and tailors the edges for durability.

9. Weight (per full size). A power packed 45 pounds


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