Hypoallergenic foam Futon mattress # 3

Hypoallergenic foam Futon mattress # 3
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Product Description

Our 2000 Hypoallergenic foam Futon mattress comes with 5 year warranty on Manufacturer’s defect. The actual size after compression is 8”. The heavy compression in this futon mattress creates a very solid and firm core and the top layer will also be medium firm that makes this futon mattress a great choice for our customers who like a medium firm futon mattress.

* Content: Hypoallergenic foam

* Lt. Wt. 100% Poly Ticking

* 3" 1.5 # Convoluted Foam

* 3 layers FR Rayon

5. 8' box type construction. A heavy-duty outer shell (that consists of a top, bottom & side panels) that provides a sturdy edge support, strength, and long life.

6. Nylon tufts. Is the strongest ware-resistant tufting material to endure the pressurization process? The length and number of tufts installed are also key factors determining the mattresses comfort & durability.

7. Compression Lace Tufting. Pressurizes 13" of overstuffed goods to fit inside a true 8" box corner. The force created when the materials are properly tensioned to work together form a supportive synergy for comfort and durability.

8. Tape Edge Construction. Seals the comfort inside and tailors the edges for durability.

9. Weight (per full size). A power packed 45 pounds

* Available size: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Chair, Chair ottoman, Loveseat, Loveseat ottoman.


Queen size futon matttress
Queen size futon matttress
60" * 80"
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